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Finally accustomed to his new job with the Allegheny County Police, Detective Vic Lenoski is asked to solve the high-profile murder of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s beloved president. Very quickly, Vic and his partner, Liz Timmons, identify two likely suspects.

But, unknown to Vic, a detective from China—Chen Yun—has surreptitiously arrived in Pittsburgh, sent to target one of the symphony’s violin players. Vic then learns that his lead suspects aren’t who they seem, and worse, that he’s the target of an FBI investigation. As Vic scrambles to resolve these new problems, Chen’s plans implode and he tailspins into Vic’s investigation, bringing the personal and professional lives of both men to a breaking point. Can they each find a solution to their cases, and a way to protect their personal lives? 


In The Things That Stay True, Hayes—and his Vic Lenoski series—hits full stride, weaving several complex and seemingly unrelated plots into a masterful tapestry, with each storyline merging and driving towards a surprising and immensely satisfying conclusion. A superbly crafted police procedural with a lot of heart.  — Kerry Cox, award-winning author of the Nic Tanner Eco-Thriller Series.

With writing as lyrical as the symphony orchestra that centers the book, Peter W.J. Hayes' intriguing story is international in scope, yet deeply personal. From the mysterious Chinese stranger to the unnerving investigation into a past Allegheny County Detective Vic Lenoski can’t afford to reveal, this suspenseful tale will tug at your heart as you keep turning pages. — Annette Dashofy, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Zoe Chambers Mystery Series 

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