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  For Pittsburgh Bureau of Police detectives Vic Lenoski and his partner Liz Timmons, what starts as a favor for the district attorney—a simple check on a house fire at the home of a public defender—soon becomes something  different.

  The local fire chief suspects arson and the public defender's body is found inside...tied to her bed. Worse, as Vic and Liz investigate the victim's life, they discover a string of secrets—each more damning than the last. Those  discoveries bring immediate pressure from the DA and their commander to close the case...just as the evidence takes a startling and gut-wrenching turn into Vic and Liz's personal lives.

The Things That are Different provides a powerful second installment of the Vic Lenoski mystery trilogy. Beautifully written, both Hayes and the protagonist clearly have the souls of a poet. This page-turner builds to a gut-wrenching and emotional conclusion, leaving me at the same time satisfied and longing for part three.

—Annette Dashofy

 USA Today Bestselling Author of the multiple-Agatha nominated Zoe Chambers Mysteries

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