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The Things That Aren't There Redo Cover

  Detective Vic Lenoski of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police just landed the biggest case of his career, the vicious murder of a venture capitalist known for funding high tech and robotics start-ups.

  But Vic, haunted by personal loss and hounded by a commander who despises him, is unraveling fast. Then everything starts to fall apart. His investigation uncovers major corruption among Pittsburgh’s star robotics entrepreneurs, that the city’s gangsters have gone straight, and Vic’s commander and many of his colleagues are only interested

promotions, pensions and pats on the back.

  Just as the case and his career are on the verge of collapse, Vic uncovers a series of deeply buried truths and must rush to stop a murderer desperate to kill again.


"You will be sucked into Vic's world and not want to leave until you know the truth."

"A clever, absorbing and very well written mystery."

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